Quake Live Mozilla Plugin

Quake Live Mozilla Plugin 1.0

Quake Live for Mozilla browsers provides better performance than the IE plugin
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Quake Live is an online action game created by Id Software. The whole premise of Quake Live is being able to play Quake III arena on your game browser, no matter where you are. How does this work? You just go into the Quake Live website, create an account and download the plugin for your browser. After this, you have to download the basic game files and you can join or start a multi-player game right from your browser. Does it work? Yes, it works perfectly, browser-based multi-player games are showing that they can be the future. With the Mozilla plugin, the game works smoother and faster than with the IE Plug in, and the download size it is almost half. Of course, no matter what plugin you use, you still have to download the basic game files into your computer. Once you are playing with the browser, you can configure it to play on a Full Screen mode. It is like having Quake III arena basically anywhere. Of course, you need to have a computer powerful enough to run the basic Quake III game. This is the future of online gaming, and at the moment, the Mozilla plug in is the best way to play Quake Live. Please note that you need to register in order to download the plugin.

Ismael Mireles
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